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About Us

Every story has two sides. So does ours.

The two of us, brought Ventotto to life with a desire to share.

Our perspectives about life,

Our passion for fashion and

Our desire to share our dreams with our customers.

We dreamt of our brand at 28 Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, Milan; a street lined with colorful apartments on a canal, contrasting with the sturdy serious looking 19th Century buildings of the rest of the city.

The excitement of finding beauty of energetic music, color, creative electricity enveloped in the safety and strength of silence, calm and simplicity.

With Ventotto we promise exactly this exciting dichotomy in our creations for those who wear them. We invite our customers to want to be involved in many happenings with the creations they choose so that they can wear them everywhere anytime of the day with the most fashionable and most comfy.

Now, we invite you to join our exciting journey which has started behind the door number 28.